the pursuit of growth is a group endeavour.

Growth Consulting

Often, in business, we are faced with the binary choice of either taking a risk on investing in fast growth – perhaps by expanding a salesforce, acquiring a competitor or vertically-integrating – or taking the slow and steady path of organic growth at a lower exploratory cost.

By establishing a scalable platform in your company, each “crank of the handle” can yield a proportionate – and sometimes exponential – return on investment.

‘Platforming’ also makes forecasting and budgeting clearer, and often more accurate.   The majority of household-name companies from the NASDAQ and FTSE have built their platforms, and models such as the PARIS Process from Enterprise Insights can help you to do the same within your company.

Tactical and Practical

Become Indispensable

Many companies face the annual frustration, having achieved success in winning new business, of discovering this success was mitigated by underperforming customers that were either neglected or challenged during the same period.

Leaders find themselves asking how much better their results could have been, had they retained more of the prior year’s business at the same time.

By becoming indispensable and preventing commodification, such churn can be greatly reduced, helping a company to make greater strides forward.

This is usually achieved either through delivering excellent service or unbeatable value, but the new silver bullet in today’s market is to operate such a seamless, rapid and easily-repeatable customer experience that clients can’t contemplate functioning without you.

Enterprise Insights can help you to deliver such experiences.

We Help Grow Businesses.

We work at board level and with sales, marketing, fulfilment and product-innovation teams, to create strategies that drive sustainable growth for ambitious companies. Our analysis, reports, implementation support and progress reviews can assist in unlocking your business potential.

The PARIS Process for Growth

Structure for Scale

Whatever your industry or sector, if you are passionate about igniting growth, Enterprise Insights have the tools and methods to optimise and dynamize your company’s

Front-End :

  • marketing and media
  • inbound value-creation
  • pipeline conversion
  • logistical excellence

Back-End :

  • market and trend evaluation
  • product innovation and IP
  • performance-monitoring
  • data-collection and analysis

Using proven systems, tailored to suit the individual needs of your company.

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