“it always seems impossible,
until it’s done.”

– Nelson Mandella


In pursuing success, we ultimately seek to build value in our businesses. We work hard to grow the asset-base, the repeatable revenue, the working capital and the net profitability of our companies.

However, in this noble endeavour, we often build what feels like an impenetrable wall that prevents our access to this value. We make difficult choices over sustainability, such as the levels of retention and reinvestment, or distribution, of yearly profits.

We convince ourselves that we are custodians of capital, preserving and protecting it, perhaps for the generation that will succeed us. But rarely do we discuss the implications and obligations of that belief with those we steward it for.

Resolving The Paradox

Planning for a future in which our companies no longer depend on us requires a clear vision of the future company and life that we want. Sometimes there is dissonance between the two – a belief that they are mutually-exclusive; or worse, paradoxical: “We couldn’t possibly live comfortably if we didn’t still run the business. The business depends on us, and we depend on it. But running the business consumes every waking hour and precludes us truly living.”

It is at this junction in life, this dichotomy, that founders’ and owners’ thoughts turn to exit-planning. Enterprise Insights consultants have lived this journey and helped founders to access their capital, and to liberate their time for living, yet leave their companies strong, financially stable and well-managed.

Walk Far, Walk Together.

Exiting doesn’t have to mean selling, although that’s a route that many founders and owners choose to go. But regardless of whether you retain shareholding, the principles and processes of succession-planning, structuring, standardising and value-optimising are equally applicable.

The events of recent years have led many company owners to reflect and prioritise. If you are at such an inflection point, you may find value in the Daylight programme from Enterprise Insights, or in engaging one of our consultants to conduct a confidential exit appraisal, for your consideration.

We have walked this path. We fully understand and respect the sensitivity and magnitude of it. Our team of specialists are here to support you with every step.

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