in an era of perpetual change,

the new ‘ROI’ is risk of inaction.

Dynamising – Embracing Perpetual Change

The pace of change is increasing exponentially, and relentlessly.   Today it is at the slowest rate you will experience, going forward – it will only continue to get faster.

Socrates wisely said that “the secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.”  His words resonate now more than ever before.

Building resilience for your company actually involves a pervasive mindset-shift to embrace perpetual change, and a cultural re-engineering in order to innately spot trends, lead with innovation, and demonstrate agility across the whole organisation.   Dynamic principles – such as those at the heart of the Powered By Change programme – help you transition to this new paradigm, and Enterprise Insights work with you to adapt these to the unique conditions and needs of your business.

Change Is Inevitable. Surviving It Is Optional.

The Fortune 500 list of the top 500 US companies was first published in 1955.  65 years later, in 2020, only 52 of the companies from the original list remain on it today and have been there since inception.

This means that only 10.4% of the Fortune 500 companies in 1955 have managed to endure the challenges of many market changes over that period, and that therefore more than 89% of the companies from 1955 have either gone bankrupt, merged with (or were acquired by) another firm, or have simply fallen from their former heights.

No company has an automatic entitlement to longevity – no matter how hard they have worked to make their offer relevant in the past.  Markets are littered with the remains of businesses that became complacent and irrelevant as their customers’ needs and habits changed around them.

Enterprise Insights advise and support company Boards with reviewing, proposing, implementing and refining a programme that ensures a future-focused alignment of :

  • elevated purpose
  • competent, engaged people
  • innovative product/service solutions
  • scalable, repeatable, adaptable processes

Not Just Changing; Re-Engineering.

Most consultancy firms will support your business through an externally-forced, or internally-sponsored change it's undergoing. It is standard fare. But change is not isolated or singular today; it is constant and perpetual. Only companies that are suitably engineered to predict, embrace and harness the winds of change ultimately survive them. Enterprise Insights help you to re-engineer your business from the grass-roots up, to be agile, alert, future-focused and dynamic. We support you in adopting the culture, mindset, systems and processes used by some of the most progressive and successful international companies today.

To your success !

“To improve is to change, so to be perfect is to have changed often.”

- Winston Churchill

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