organisations change to survive.
those that transform, thrive.

Enterprise Insights is a consultancy and coaching company, offering a portfolio of transformational services, designed to facilitate British scale-up businesses in achieving sustainable growth, capital investment, and perpetual positive change.

Every business shares one common trait, regardless of their sector, segment or purpose.   That common trait is the daily pursuit of success;   striving for continuous improvement in the quantity, quality or utility of the benefit it provides to its customers and channels.

Often we measure this success by iterations of tangible increases in revenue, profit, capital and consequent asset-value.   Progressive organisations and social enterprises measure the human effects of their improvements, and the resulting impacts they deliver for their stakeholders.

As business is cyclical – both at the microcosmic company level, and at the macrocosmic socio-economic level – the challenge of consistently achieving success is often elusive.   Add-in the headwind of a constantly changing market, and its pursuit can sometimes even seem futile.

Of course, beliefs are the product of mindset.  The strongest, most successful enterprises are often those with a resilient culture of embracing change, and leading with innovations that are aligned with their values and purpose.

At Enterprise Insights, we help organisations to become engines of their own growth, foundries of innovation and drivers of seismic change.

What We Do

Leadership Coaching

Providing a blend of business coaching and executive coaching in both group and 1-to-1 settings, Enterprise Insights help high-performing leaders to be their best selves, and deliver the best results.


Through customised growth strategies and a culture re-engineering program, Enterprise Insights help businesses to embrace the paradigm of perpetual market change, and become dynamic.


Having led companies through to sale, Enterprise Insights ‘Daylight’ program assists founders of scalable SMEs with structuring their businesses for exit, either through succession or share sale.

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